Five parenting mistakes that are mostly overlooked

Parents have different ways of parenting their own kids. Such parenting can be in form of manners, attitude to life, way of living, character etc.

However, the manner and way a child develops, depends on the kind of environment that the parents developed from. Parents are thereby teaching and nurturing their own kids based on the values and manners that they learnt from the environment in which they were raised.

Over the years, parenting skills have been evolving in these ways and are taking different forms. The way kids were nurtured in the 18th century is different from how they are groomed in the 21st century.

But, nonetheless, there are certain parenting skills that parents should take note of. These are:

1. Comparing your kids with each other

In most western nations, kids are rarely compared with each other, unlike in the African setting. Most African parents often spend on a kid who they see as brilliant than the other. This often creates contempt, hatred and disintegration among these kids, as the dull one becomes the black sheep of such homes.

It creates apathy within the home and to avoid this type of negative sentiments, parents should stay away from such ideology by making sure that their kids are loved, taught and appreciated without the expense of another.

2. Hiding all of your secrets from your children

No matter how little a child’s brain and mind seems to be, they are fast learners and have good memory. Parents often hide their deepest secrets from their kids and it is often not a wise thing to do.

Your child is your heir who deserves to know some tiniest of your secrets. But do not make the mistake of not warning them to keep it within the family circle. You never can tell, your kid might be your best book of secret.

3. Having a favourite kid

I have witnessed this situation often times in some homes. A child having or enjoying certain privileges over the other children. This is a wrong thing to do as such kid might end up as a spoilt should who often gets away with his/her mistakes.

Never create favouritism among your kids. Make everyone feel as one and part  of the family or you risk having a disjointed home.

4. Forcing your chosen  career on your child

Every child has a unique gift that if managed well, would become a forceful strength. Never force your kid to follow your career path, but rather study them and give each child a platform to develop and harness his/her own skills.

Some parents are guilty of forcing their engineering skills on a child who have a gift in artistry. Such child if poorly managed would end up a frustrating being and probably a waste to his/ her generation.

5. Not teaching your kids to be independent/courageous

Parents should make sure they instill a sense of confidence in their children. Teach them to never back down for the right thing. If they feel threatened by anyone, tell them to get it across to the appropriate authority.

Do not put fear in them, but teach them to respect and obey you. If such traits are instilled in them, it will give them the confidence in a more wider society, away from the confinement of the home.