Aug 292016
Five tips to succeed as a work at home mother

As the saying goes, ‘change is the only constant thing in life’. It is inevitable because it brings about growth and new discovery.

Marriage has a way of changing most of the things one has planned for due to different factors coming in e.g. relocation, child bearing, etc. Women in most cases are the ones affected when these changes occur.

Some ladies after marriage find themselves staying at home a little longer than expected due to relocation to a different place entirely or due to child birth.

Trust me staying at home can be quite boring, so one just have to get something doing while waiting for the dream job. Who knows, that thing you find doing may finally become your dream job.

Here are some tips to help you turn into a successful career woman while working from home.

1. Have a realistic schedule

A schedule is an arrangement of events to take place at a particular time and day. Carefully structure your day to avoid distraction so as to enable productivity. Write a realistic list of what you intend to do during your working hours at home.

I emphasized on realistic schedule because most time we set unrealistic to do list and end up not achieving anything at all. So therefore have a realistic schedule and follow it.

2. Get your baby on a schedule

By now, I guess you should be familiar with how your baby schedule is e.g. when the baby sleeps, when the baby wakes up to eat, etc. An idea of all these, will enable you to successfully set a time table in line with your child’s schedule. Also if the baby is up to age you can as well allow the baby to start crèche to enable you concentrate and get a lot done during his/her absence.

3. Have a break in between

Always take a break in between your work time. It will enable it look like you are actually working in an organised and structured environment because working in an office always have a break time. Also it will allow you to go refresh your brain and prevent you from getting tired.

Taking a break from work will also help you to concentrate better when you return to your desk.

4. Stay away from distraction

Working from home can be very challenging when it comes to avoiding the distractions that are present due to the comfort that the home presents. In order to stay focused and to achieve a lot try to stay away from television and your phone. Do yourself a favor by avoiding theses items.

You could include draw up a timetable for when to watch TV, answer emails, and make phone calls that are not urgent.

5. Try to be flexible with your time

In as much you are a mother there are times your schedule won’t work as perfectly has you have initially planned it. So you have to be flexible and accept it. Also your schedule should be adjusted from time to time.

If after applying all of the tips above you still feel overwhelmed, then you should start thinking of outsourcing some of your to-dos. Outsourcing would give you ample time to have good rests and still beat deadlines.

On a final note, stay positive and expect the best from the work you are doing from home. Positive mindset shows in the effort you input in the work.

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