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Four easy ways to increase your business productivity

For any career/business woman, an increase in productivity is a big improvement in business, which leads to more income and success.

An increase in productivity helps you to weather economic downturns.

To enjoy the advantages of increased productivity, consider taking the following steps.

1. Appreciate your workers

If you are a business and have  employees working with you, it’s important that you appreciate them by showing gratitude constantly.

Employees who feel appreciated become more motivated and work harder to increase productivity. Praise them publicly and if you discover that an employee inputs extra work on a project, acknowledge it. If you don’t reward hard work, employees won’t work hard.

2. Rub minds with your workers or colleagues

Share ideas and listen to the opinions of your worker on how to improve your business or when planning a project.

You can set up constant meeting arrangements to discuss the  what the next line of action should be or a particular business strategy. During this time, discuss with them like you are a colleague, not like you are the boss.

3. Take constant breaks

Studies have shown that short, constant breaks help one to maintain focus and also prevent a decline in performance. You can take a break to exercise or just walk up and down a little. Research has shown that after 90 minutes of work, productivity begins to decline.

4. Be polite to your clients

Let your relationships with your clients be very polite and be respectful. Always show gratitude to your clients for their patronage, and let them know you feel honoured to do business with them. By so doing, more clients may be referred to you.

What strategies are you employing to remain productive at work?

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