positive effects of working mothers

Keeping it real with working mothers

The proportion of women in the workforce has increased and nearly half of this population of women is mothers. It may be stressful for a woman to pursue a career and at the same time carry out her responsibilities as a mother.

Guilt may creep in as her attention is divided between her family and work. However, the benefits of being a working mother should be a source of encouragement to women.

Here are some of these benefits.

1. She raises independent kids

Children of working moms learn to fend for themselves at from their tender ages. These kids look after themselves as they get older while their mothers are at work and also help with house chores.

As young adults, they can cook, fill and empty the dishwasher, clean the house and even do the laundry. Thus, it will be easier for them to live independently when they leave home for higher institutions. As independent adults, they are valuable as they can as well be independent thinkers.

2. She is a role model

A working mother is an excellent role model for her kids. Daughters of working mothers are likely to be employed and in supervisory positions as adults. They tend to satisfy their interests rather than becoming stay at home moms.

Sons of such women support their working wives so that they can become successful in their career and also be the best moms. Such men appreciate their wives’ contribution to the family income and help in parenting responsibilities and household chores. This tends to strengthen relationships and makes marriages more stable.

3. She spends quality time with her kids

A working mother ensures that she spends quality time with her children. She plans her activities well in order to schedule time to engage in her children’s interests such as movies and games.

Also, she plans outings such as picnics for the family on weekends. Though they are always at home, stay at home moms do not spend quality time with their children. Thus, working mothers are better at parenting than their stay at home counterparts.

4. She is less prone to depression

Working mothers are less likely to suffer depression unlike stay at home moms who easily feel isolated. Working mothers are opportuned to fulfill their interests and talents beyond motherhood. Thus, they are satisfied and happy.

They find it easier to allow their children to live their lives as adults. Conversely, stay at home moms find it difficult to separate themselves from the affairs of their adult children.

5. She is financially independent

A working mother does not depend fully on her husband financially. As an income earner, she can support the lifestyle of the family. Moreover, it is important for both parents to be income earners in this age of erratic economy situations.

Are you a working mother? Can you relate with any of the points above?