Rasidat T. Ibrahim

Rasidat T. Ibrahim is a Real Estate Consultant, Trainer, Professional Network Marketer and Healthy Living Consultant. She’s had over 12 years experience working in diverse sectors such real estate, social/economic research, training, project and operations management before calling it quits to venture into entrepreneurship. Her current venture, Triopath Natural Supermart is a one stop online

Hafsah O. Agbabiaka

Hafsah Agbabiaka is a health and lifestyle coach. She is into weight management and maintenance consulting.  She has helped over 400 women achieve optimal health through lifestyle modifications. She is a Clinical Pharmacist, Fellow of the West African Post Graduate College of Pharmacist, a Certified Health Coach and  Member of the American Council on Exercise. Contact details

Toyin Adekola

Toyin Adekola is a trained secretary and business assistant with over 8 years of work experience. She currently works at Excellaid where she provides business support services to entrepreneurs to enable them focus on their core jobs while increasing their productivity without burnouts. Her experience span across several industries – ICT, legal, e-commerce, finance, automobile