Sep 262016
Work-life balance hacks for the career woman

For several decades, most hard working women have chosen to combine the task of keeping their homes with facing their career. This is a very tasking decision, as most women who struggle to have a fulfilling career get a lot of distractions from their families and vice-versa.

Some women even think that the act of trying to raise a family and balancing one’s career is an unattainable goal.

For mothers who have little kids, having a rewarding professional career and raising a family at the same time, is multiple and can be really enervating.

Although quite challenging, it is possible for a woman to maintain a work-life balance if proper strategies are put in place.

Here are few steps working mothers can take to achieve reasonable balance in their work and family:

1. Know your priorities

Knowing your priorities means being aware of the to-dos that you must perform, and the ones you ask someone to help you with. You also need to answer the following questions:

  1. What exactly does your family need?
  2. How old are your kids and
  3. How often do you have to be with them?

2. Assign some of your tasks

When you identify the tasks that need your own attention, the next step you should take is to assign the rest to someone else.

If you have a supportive partner, great! If otherwise, decide if getting a childcare assistant is ideal for your kids.

Are there assignments at your workplace that could be designated to your employees or business associates?

Do you have neighbours that your kids could stay with for some time? Can you work non-traditional hours to create time for your family?

3. Do not do two things at a time

When you are at home with your kids, be with them wholeheartedly. Play with them and let them feel your presence.

Don’t claim to be with them while you are focused on your computer or phone. Make sure every time you spend with them is memorable.

Do not allow projects or engagements be an interruption during the time you have scheduled to be with your family.

4. Be mindful of your health

It is when you have good health that you can take care of your family. Make sure that you make enough time for your needs. Eat healthy, get enough rest, do your normal exercises. Your health should be among your priorities.

How do you juggle work and family? Share your tips with us below.

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