the baby walking assistant

The baby walking assistant

A baby walking assistant also known as parent-assisted baby walker is an equipment that is designed to assist children learn how to walk. It is very similar in design to leading strings that were used in Europe in the 17th and 18th Century.

The leading strings were narrow straps of fabric attached to children’s clothing to function as a sort of leash to keep the child from straying too far or falling as they learned to walk.

The purpose of using leading strings then was to restrain the movement of children who were just learning to walk from moving into an unsafe place and also to prevent them from injuring themselves.

The baby walking assistant presents a safer method of teaching children of 6 – 12 months old how to walk compared to the baby walker because it cannot be used without the support of the parent.

The baby walker is no longer widely accepted as it used to be.  Studies have suggested that contrary to popular beliefs that it assists a baby to learn how to walk faster, it actually slows down the speed at which a child learns how to walk.

As of today, it is an offence to sell or possess a baby walker in Canada as it has remained banned since 2004 for child safety and development reasons.


The advantages of a baby walking assistant

The baby walking assistant comes in washable cotton material and belts with solid plastic locks and handles. It relieves the parents from the stress of having to restrict the movement of the child every now and then.

It is comfortable and safe to use as the baby is able to walk upright while being supported by the parent. However, parents should always ensure that the locks are properly tightened at all times, especially when it is in use.

It is better to wash this item regularly as children tend to put whatever they lay their hands on in their mouth for identification purpose.

Where to buy?

The baby walking assistant is available in different colors and designs as can be seen in the images. You can buy it on Jumia, Amazon, Konga,, Ali Express, Ebay,, and other numerous online and offline stores around you.