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What mothers must know about baby diaper rash

Motherhood can at times be overwhelming and pretty difficult, especially at the infancy stage of a child. A lot of petty issues that need the undivided attention of mothers go on with the skin of babies. One of such common issues is baby diaper rash.

Baby diaper rash could be quite devastating, especially for a new mum. And as we all know, diapers are just essential to a baby as breast milk.

What are the causes of baby diaper rash? What are the preventive measures and, of course, the remedial tips?

Simply put, baby diaper rashes are red patches and rashes on a baby’s bum during or after use of diaper. Diaper rashes often cause itching and irritation to the baby’s skin.

Causes of diaper rash

Causes of baby diaper rash may vary but often include:

1. Ignorance

This is mostly on the part of new mums. Apparently, experience is the best teacher. Because they have not experienced it before, it is always quite new to them. Most times they leave the diaper on their child for too long in a bid to minimise the number of diapers used, not knowing that it would cause diaper rash.

2. Diaper rubbing on baby’s skin

A baby’s skin is quite sensitive and as such is likely to react to any harsh chemical contact to the skin.

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3. Infection, bacteria or yeast

Wearing diaper on a baby’s wet bum can make rashes grow rapidly on the baby’s skin.

4. Washing detergent and soaps

Certain brands of detergents used in washing babies napkins and wipes might be irritating to the baby’s skin.

Preventing diaper rash

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Diaper rash can actually be prevented if mothers and caregivers could be a little more careful and pay attention to the following:

1. Change the diaper in good time

Actually changing the baby diaper as soon as it is wet or soiled is one way to prevent diaper rash. Check baby diaper from time to time and replace the first time it gets wet or soiled. Do not allow a baby wear a dirty diaper for too long. Ensure to check the baby diaper from time to time, especially if your baby is having diarrhea.

2. Use wipes before wearing diaper

Always remember to use a mild sanitary wipe to clean and wipe anything off the baby’s bum and do not reuse a wipe or use a dirty cloth on a child’s bum. Make sure your baby’s bum is dry before fixing the diaper to avoid moisture in there.

3. Oil baby’s bum

Remember to apply petroleum jelly or oil on the baby bum before wearing the child a diaper. It helps to keep the child’s bum fresh and free from infections. Shea butter is also a very good alternative to petroleum jelly.

Treating diaper rash

Well, if the deed has already being done, i.e., if your baby already has the diaper rash, you do not need to panic, just put this little solutions in place before running to the doctor and in most cases the child would be fine in no time:

1. Open baby’s bum to air

Expose the affected area to fresh air by not putting diaper on the baby for sometime to help lessen the reddish patches and make the healing process faster. But, if you must still wear the child a diaper, it should be loosely worn to avoid chafing which is  the irritation of the skin caused by repetitive friction between the skin and diaper.

2. Change diaper brand

Change the baby diaper type or brand, just in case the baby is allergic to that particular brand type.

3. Use alcohol or fragrance free wipes

Check the cleanser and wipes used on your baby’s bum, make sure it is alcohol and fragrance free. A clean soft cloth could be a better option for wiping the baby’s bum.

4. Use antifungal ointment

Apply antifungal ointment to the diaper rash area to help clear the existing rash. You may need to see your doctor to help you determine the best antifungal ointment for your baby.

5. See a doctor

After trying all the solutions mentioned above and you get no improvement you may have to try the doctor, especially a paediatrician.

How do you protect your baby from diaper rash?

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